2017 National Conference – New Orleans


Hello Everyone,

I hope I can attract your eyes for just a few minutes from your busy 1st day back of 2017.

I know I have had some sort of role helping many of you join our brand or expand over the years, and I plan to continue helping more people join our brand and helping our partners expand.

As Partners in the Brand it is so crucial for you to attend the convention, as there is so much to learn and so many opportunities to uncover new ways to grow, enhance and improve your business.

Our theme is “In Full Swing - Implementing for Results” with the idea being it’s time to discuss how implementing the swath of tools we have will lead to stronger results for you and the brand.

This is a continuation of all the efforts that have been made over the last couple of years to help you grow your businesses.

Conference features all the usual aspects of “formality”:

  • A celebration of our Top Franchisees.
  • Announcements of new and exciting ideas and programs
  • Opportunities to interact with our vendors.
  • A guest speaker who will focus on creating “superstar owners”.
  • Fresh approaches to our marketing efforts.
  • Franchisee survey results and our action plan.
  • 6 roundtables covering a variety of topics
  • An updated approach to on-line ordering for our customers.

Personally though, the real value for me is the informal opportunity to meet and speak with franchise partners that I don’t get to interact with on a regular basis. Connecting directly with the others on the front lines and being able to share ideas and learn directly from other partners and top performers what they are doing to drive their business.  I know I plan on connecting over some lively Zydeco Jazz and breaking some bread over of the amazing Cajun cookin’.  As a foodie, I promise a few days of simply incredible eats to go with all the great content your team has put together for you!  I have yet to leave a conference without a handful of good ideas that can be used to make an impact.  The difference is what will you do with those ideas…that is up to you!

Remember an IDEA that goes UNIMPLEMENTED is only a DREAM. “ACTION is the CARD that TRUMPS everything!” as Danny Lyon has often reminded me!

Make 2017 a year of BOLD moves for you and your business.


Christian Collucci

EVP North Division


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