Marketing Action Plans

We don't know a small business owner, who couldn't use somewhere between a few and a lot more customers.
We don't know a small business owner, who wouldn't like to see their customers visit (and buy) more often.
We don't know a small business owner, who wouldn't be happy to sell more to each customer on each visit.

So that's how we are going to structure your Marketing Action Plan. We are going to create a few, specific actions that will:

  • Bring you new customers (More Customers)
  • Encourage existing customers to make repeat visits (More Often)
  • Excited to Add-on to the sale, whenever it makes sense (More Money)

Using the Sales and Marketing expertise you should expect to find in a brand like ours and the experience of those who have gone before you, we have built a plan that we are going to recommend you use.

Once you become an Instant Imprints Franchisee Partner, you will have access to a recipe for success. This is our recipe for creating VISIBILITY and starting your Sales Development process.

We are convinced that customers buy from most relationship based businesses (and we are one of those) in 3 different ways - New, Repeat, and Add-on.

So we will help you to build a Marketing Action Plan that is a fewspecific actions that you can do well, consistently, and measure

Your MAP will create VISIBILITY for your Center, by getting your RIGHT MESSAGE to your BEST CUSTOMER regardless of how they choose to buy from you.


The people you don’t already know have to be the group that you are most concerned about, right now.

You are, after all, a new business. You haven’t opened your doors yet and you don’t have any customers.

So getting the first one is a REALLY BIG DEAL and getting more, will continue to be a REALLY BIG DEAL at least, until you have enough to “Break even.”

The Recommended MAP includes 6 actions designed to make your business more VISIBLE to new customers.


There are all kinds of statistics to support the fact that marketing to your existing customers is both easier and more productive than finding a new customer.

This works best when you do it "well and consistently" for the simple reason that many businesses promise it but few can deliver it.

You are the owner of a small business and that, believe it or not, gives you a tremendous advantage of large companies.

You have the ability to carry on a dialogue with your customers while those big companies are limited to only a monologue.

Your customers will be really impressed, if you can continue that dialogue beyond the transaction.

The Recommended MAP includes 3 actions to help you encourage repeat business.


This is about getting more $$$ from each transaction by giving your customers reasons and incentives to buy more during this or future transactions.

Not just because you want more sales but because, these additions will:

  • Better meet the needs of your customers.
  • Create more enjoyment.
  • Enhance the experience they have when doing business with you.

There are basically three ways to do this. All of which could work for any business, but none of which will work with every customer.

  • Suggest an additional product or service that would compliment what has already been purchased.
    • The customer who has enjoyed a nice restaurant meal and the service that went with it, could easily be interested in hearing their options for dessert.
    • You have other services to offer. Just like the acupuncturist who also offers herbal medicines or the realtor who is also a property manager.
  • Move the customer up to a higher quality version of the same item.
    • The car you like is probably available with leather seats and a sunroof, for a little more money. That roomy "king size" bed costs more than the "queen size". And of course, gold costs more than silver.
  • Encourage customers to buy more pieces by offering "price breaks" as the quantities increase.
    • This is a big part of our business.
    • On the "sign" side of the house, as the number of square feet a customer purchases goes up the price per square foot comes down.
    • On the embroidery side of the house, you could pay for "digitization" when the total order reaches $350.
    • This often prompts a customer to step up to that threshold.
    • Meaning that we get a bigger sale and they get more garments for the money they spend.

The Recommended MAP includes 3 actions to help you create added value in the relationships that you build with your customers and grow your Average Customer Transaction.

During your training at IIU (Instant Imprints University), you will customize this plan by making the edits necessary to make it your plan. A plan that is consistent with your style of leadership and the budget that you have set for marketing your business.

During the FastStart portion of your training, you will receive the coaching support that you need to make your plan and reality.

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