Partnership of 3

Everyone Works Together

The Instant Imprints system is operated through the collaborative efforts of three groups of people:

  • Franchisee
  • Area Franchisee (AF)
  • Partner Support Team (PST)

It is the job of the PST to create the systems, processes, and tools that will be used at the Center level to operate and grow a business.

The PST’s responsibilities include:

  • Building the Instant Imprints brand by expanding the network through opening new locations.
  • Protecting the Instant Imprints brand, and in turn, the investments of all stakeholders by actively monitoring compliance to operating standards.
  • Enhancing the brand through the introduction of new profit center initiatives, continuing education programs, marketing activities, identifying preferred vendors, testing and recommending products, providing business development support, providing operational support, and exploring national account programs.

It is the job of the Franchisee to implement those systems, processes,and tools in order to service their customers and grow their business.

The Franchisee’s responsibilities include:

  • Getting, Keeping, and Satisfying Customers
  • Staffing, operating, and maintaining their Center in accordance with Instant Imprints operating standards.
  • Maximize the economic performance of the Center.
  • Adhering to the Instant Imprints operating standards and brand guidelines.

The Area Franchisee fills the role of Coach creating a bridge between those who create and those who implement. Ensuring that there is understanding and action.

The AF’s responsibilities include:

  • Build the Instant Imprints brand by growing your Area Franchise Territory through the opening of new locations.
  • Protect the Instant Imprints brand, and in turn, the investments of all stakeholders by actively monitoring franchisees compliance to the Instant Imprints operating standards, within your Area Franchise Territory.
  • Enhance the Instant Imprints brand through the introduction of new profit center initiatives, marketing activities, continuing education, franchisee development, sales development, operational support and bulk buying opportunities.

Franchisees are the foundation of our business. It is you who creates the face of our business by maintaining contact with the customers who buy our goods and use our services.

It is you who are Mr. and Mrs. Instant Imprints in your community.

As with any business venture, you must devote energy and attention to building and improving. We will provide you with tools and support to use in these efforts. But the reality is that you are the “doers” and without you and your best efforts, we can’t get very far at all.

As a business owner you take on the responsibility of not only supporting yourself and family, but your employees and their families, not to mention the valuable service that you provide to your customers.

Starting to feel like a big load, isn’t it? Not to worry, when you own a franchise we promise to teach you how to do it and then support your efforts to get it done.

Your Job as Owner

You have a great deal of choice regarding the role that you play in your business. But like the owners of small businesses everywhere you can expect to have a number of different roles.

Michael Gerber in his book, “The E-Myth Revisited,” describes this balancing act as the wearing of three different hats:

  • Technician
  • Manager
  • Entrepreneur

Very few people can wear all three hats at the same time. But leaving one or more of your hats on the shelf and unattended will almost always have a bad outcome.

The amount of time that you wear each hat does not have to be equal. In fact, this will be driven by both the needs of your business and your personal preferences as a leader.

As the owner, you are obligated to continuously monitor the day-to-day operations of your Center.

  • Product needs to be ordered in a timely manner.
  • Employees need to use the right tools and follow procedures.
  • Systems that were developed for timely cost-effective operation of the business, should be understood and followed.
  • The bills you owe should be paid and sales you’ve done should be collected.

This is the job of the Manager and all of the time that you spend doing this will be time that you spend wearing your “manager hat.”

At any point, you can and will be called upon to perform or teach every single duty in your Center. You don’t have to be the best at it, but you do need to have “basic proficiency” in every aspect of sales, service, artwork, production, maintenance, emptying the trash etc. The time you spend doing this is you wearing your Technician hat.

And then, of course, the business needs to grow. Growth happens when you spend time “working on the business not in the business” and this is the job of the Entrepreneur. When you are –

  • Attending a networking event.
  • Meeting with a referral partner, banker, accountant, vendor.
  • Learning a new procedure.
  • Buying a new piece of equipment.
  • Writing a business plan.
  • Executing your Marketing Action Plan (MAP).
  • Attending a class or the Annual Conference

You are wearing your Entrepreneur hat, because when you grow, the business grows.

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