Quarterly Visits

Comprehensive View Of Your Business

It’s hard to imagine that you would have arrived on the cusp of business ownership without some exposure to planning. So, I am sure that you have come to understand that the best Business Plan in the world will do you absolutely no good, if it is left on the shelf or in a desk drawer.

Instant Imprints approach to Annual Plans is founded in the idea that they are a living document. A document that will be reviewed multiple times throughout a year.

The vehicle for creating those periodic reviews, in our system, is a Quarterly Visit.Quarterly Visits

A Quarterly Visit is a scheduled visit from your Area Franchisee, conducted in your Center in the month following the close of each Quarter of the year.

As you can see from the outline below, it is intended to be a comprehensive review of your business, the implementation of the tools and systems that have been designed to help you to grow your business, and the issues that are important to you.

Quarterly Visit – Outline

  1. The issues or topics that are on your mind
  1. Center Finances
  • T12M Tracking...in place and current
  • Center Thumbprint...note current numbers.
    • Average Monthly Sales
    • ACT
    • TGM
    • Average Monthly B/E
  • Current on all of your obligations to vendors, II, taxing authorities, landlord etc
  1. Next Quarter Plan Actions
  • Review Actions created when the plan was written and/or updated at last Quarterly Review.
  • Measure the effectiveness of those actions to date.
    • Celebrate wins.
    • Adjust actions, in the absence of results.
  • Add or delete actions if necessary to continue towards the Franchisee’s goals.
  1. Performance Based Compensation
  • Participation in “Bounty Programs” or other incentive programs for implementation.
  1. Operations & People Planning
  • Identify any Operations or People barriers to the success you are seeking.
    • Should include a thorough “Center walk-thru”.
    • Include pictures of showroom and each production area.
  • Create or update plans to remove these barriers.
  1. Marketing
  • Is your current marketing addressing the “Basic 3”
    • Business Leader in the Community.
    • Talking to people you don’t already know.
    • Continuing the dialogue beyond the transaction.
  • Are you making use of Quarterly Campaign materials or regional alternatives.
  • Include an updated copy of this Center’s MAP.
  1. Training
  • IIU (Instant Imprints University) grad in every Center Owner or Manager.
  • Are you making use of available training tools?
    • Pre-Class Training for orientation of new staff.
    • Post-Class Training for production training.
    • Outside Sales Program for customer service and sales staff.
  • Identify training needs that we can help with.
  1. Any outstanding items from our previous quarterly meeting
  1. Operational Standards and Brand Standards in this Center.

But that’s not the end of it. Our COO has committed that any report that is written and submitted will be read and responded to by one or more members of the Partner Support Team, even in cases where that is a conversation between you and your Area Franchisee. You can expect to get feedback on the performance of your business, celebration of your successes, and even more ideas for the growth of your business.

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