Centralized Implementation

Help You Succeed in Marketing

In 2016, we wanted to address our Franchisees recurring concern, they didn’t have the time to do marketing well and consistently.
To date we have launched two initiatives to address that problem..."turnkey” and “centralized” marketing.Every Door Direct Mail

Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Currently we are offering two turnkey programs. Our definition of “turnkey” being that the Franchisee bears the cost of the marketing effort but we (the Partner Support Team) does the work of executing those programs.

  • Email marketingConstant Contact
  • Direct Mail marketing

National Marketing Programs

For many years now, Franchisees coming in to our system have been required to pay 3% of their sales into a National Media Fund.

  • It has always been our long-term intention to use these funds to create visibility for the entire brand.
  • But as is common in an emerging brand, it takes time before the funds that are contributed are sufficient to have any impact on a system wide level.
  • So, we have been reimbursing those monies to Franchisees who would use them for local marketing.

Effective 9/1/16 we will no longer be making National Media Funds available for reimbursement, as we have reached sufficient size and are now accumulating sufficient funds, each month to take on a couple of national marketing initiatives.

Content PushSocial Media

Goal - To establish a consistent social media presence for each franchisee and the Home Office by way of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.


  • Create an online presence that will bring greater visibility to our brand and each center in the system.
  • Establish a brand consistency across the entire network that will strengthen our brand.
  • Push content to each social media platform at least once a week via:
    • Blog Posts
    • Relevant Articles
    • PR Stories
    • Product Offers
    • And More
  • Drive Traffic to your Center’s website and in to your Centers.
  • Improve conversions and build trust with customers.
  • Measure customer response to our marketing efforts
  • Establish ourselves as the industry experts.


  • Centralize the brand’s local social media strategy and actions.
  • Acquire access to or create social media platforms for all franchisees.
    • This will not exclude the franchisee from having the ability to post to their social 
media platforms.
    • But will relieve our franchisees from burden of having to find time to do this, consistently.
  • A Management portal will be created for each franchisee
  • A Master portal will be created for the Home Office

Provided Tools

  • Message and image libraries that can be available to all franchisees via their portals
  • Auto- archived posted content, for reuse in later campaigns
  • Scheduling Tools
Scoring and Analytics
  • Campaign Tools

SEO for Consumer Websites

Goal - To increase traffic and drive leads via phone calls, email, and contact/request-a-quote forms to our consumer website properties, instantimprints.com and instantimprints.com/center sites


  • Improve website visibility on major search engines to improve traffic
  • Improve website optimization
  • Improve conversions
  • Appear in Top 10 rankings on Top 3 search engines
  • Generate leads from natural search traffic
  • Drive an increased volume of visitors
  • Build sustainable long term natural search rankings
  • Maximize natural search brand visibility
  • Measure customer responses to our marketing efforts


  • An initial site audit.
  • A competitive website study, to work out a unique search engine optimization and placement strategy to achieve top rankings for the website(s).
  • Research keyword phrases, and identify and analyze popular keywords that are most relevant to our specific market demographics that could drive targeted traffic.
  • A review of the site's pages and decided which ones are best for SEO.
  • Choosing which keyword phrases belong on which pages of the site.
  • Optimizing and/or adding high-quality original content on our website, in a manner that make it keyword rich as well as easy-to-understand descriptive language that speaks to our target audience.
  • Optimizing each page's Title and Meta description, Header tags for our targeted keyword phrases, and each page would be different specific to the keywords targeted.
  • Building of external quality links coming to our site.
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