Quarterly Campaigns

Marketing Tools

At Instant Imprints, we see it as the Partner Support Team’s job to give you the tools that you will need to build your business. Once you have the tools we count on you to implement them, so that we can all grow. Our support of your marketing efforts is rooted in an Annual Marketing Calendar and a series of actions that we call the Quarterly Campaign.

Here is an overview of the that process as it was written at the beginning of 2016.


Marketing Calendar

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  • Motivate a customer to contact a Center for information, quote or order.
    • Existing and New Customers
    • By Phone, Email or Walk-in
    • With an emphasis on a Business rather than Individual


  • Campaigns will be themed.
  • Campaign collateral will include the following:
    • Banner Stand
    • 24” x 36” Poster
    • 5” x 11” Counter Point of Purchase
    • Postcard
    • Email
    • Digital Flyer
  • Campaign materials will be created so that they can be used in the majority of Centers.
  • Will carry a message that is pertinent to both new and repeat customers.
    • Outside/New – Mailers, Window Poster, etc.
    • Repeat/Existing – Emails, Retractable Banner, Counter Card, etc.
  • Will feature all that we do on each piece within the campaign.
    • Branded Apparel/ Custom T-Shirts, Signs & Banners and Promotional Products
  • Campaigns will run quarterly.
    • They will include an email and mailer that will be produced monthly within that campaign
  • Campaigns will be targeted at a specific vertical market.
    • Defined by no less than 6 specific SICs
  • Each piece will include an “expiration date” that is consistent with the end of that Campaign.


  • Approved logos and icons will establish the Instant Imprints brand identity.
  • “White Space” will be used to create focus, balance and improve readability.
  • All images and graphics will be of sufficient resolution to accommodate a clear and high quality image for each piece of media in the size for which it is designed.
  • All pricing will be an editable field, so that the Franchisees have the final say for their Center
    • Emails are currently not available in an editable format. This is being reviewed and a solution is being worked on.


  • Will be based on a specific product. The campaign Quick Start Guide will include the manufacturer, sku number, and specific quantity that the price is based on.
  • Pricing per product category
    • Apparel- Price will be based on a certain sku and in quantities of 48 pieces. If applicable, price will be based on one color, one location imprint.
    • Promotional Products- Price will not be discounted for promotional products.
    • Signs & Banners- Price will be based on a certain size and model (if applicable) and in a quantity of 1.
  • Discounting-If a discount is displayed it will be accompanied by a visual that states a ‘Savings of’ and profit margins will never go below 50%.
    • All pricing will be an editable field, so that the Franchisees have the final say for their Center.
  • Whenever possible the products we display will be common to the whole system and from Preferred Vendors
    • Pricing will be adjusted to be specific to each country.


  • Annual Calendar of Campaigns will be made available to the System no later than November 15th of the preceding year
  • Collateral for each Campaign will be made available to the System no later than 6 weeks in advance of the recommended launch date
  • Monthly Elements with each Campaign will be made available to the System no later than the 15th of the preceding month (beginning in 2nd Quarter)
  • File size should be sufficient to provide quality, but not larger than necessary
  • File Formats will include both CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. These formats have been selected to keep franchisees relatively current.
    • CorelDraw – Version x5
    • Adobe Illustrator – Version CS4
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