8 Steps To Decide

Going Into Business Together

Getting started with Instant Imprints

If we were to do this, go into business together, it would be a 10 year relationship.

The whole idea of doing this or not, is a big “IF” at this stage, well down the road of discovery…. and there is absolutely no value, for either of us, in rushing into that decision.

Franchises are “awarded” not sold, so there is a possibility that you will come to want to do this and it will be us that says no thanks. We would say that, if we came to know that you couldn’t be a success at what we do.

Each time we award a new franchise we are going to do one of two things - “strengthen or weaken” the brand. So while we want you to have the chance to reach your goals and dreams, through business ownership, we have a responsibility to those who are already part of our brand to do everything within our power to “strengthen” the brand with each new franchise awarded.

To make all of that work for the mutual benefit of both parties, we have outlined the 8 steps that your journey of discovery typically takes. Pursue this journey at the pace that is right for you and move forward until you reach a point of decision. Either yes or no could be the right answer, the only thing that matters is picking the one that is right for both of us.

The first three steps are the kinds of things that need to be done to properly follow our franchising process, and make sure that if, in the end, you decide you “want to,” you will have the financial ability to act.

These first three steps also include us (the Franchisor) providing you with a complete description of how or brand is designed to work.

  1. Complete a Personal Profile Form 
  2. Receive, Review and Discuss - Franchise Disclosure Document 
  3. Call w/ Leadership

From here you will want to “validate” that what we say can happen, is in fact happening in the real world.

No one is better positioned to help you with that than our Franchisees. They are already living it every day. They will not benefit from you saying yes, nor will they suffer by giving you the information that would be what caused you to say no.

  1. Validation Calls to Franchisees 

If we are still liking each other and the idea of being in business together by this point of the process, it is time to invite you to our Partner Support Center in San Diego.

  1. Attend Discovery Day

This is where you will meet the team that provides the support that we promise to underpin your efforts to grow the brand.

Then, it’s decision time. for both of us.

You, and we, have gathered the facts and weighed them well. We have worked together through our first project as a team, your validation process, so based on that can say that we have gotten to know each other.

  1. Submit Letter of Intent

If this is something that you want to do, to get to where you are headed in life, please, submit a Letter of Intent to let us know that.

  1. Receive Letter of Acceptance

If this is something that we see you being successful at and strengthening our brand we will respond with a Letter of Acceptance.

  1. Execute Franchise Agreement, Pay Franchise Fee

The BIG decision, the tough one has been made, so let’s take a few minutes (or even a few days) to celebrate.

There are still details to be worked through, but they are just details and we can get them done and done right.

Fill out our online form for more information about owning an Instant Imprints® franchise!

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