Growth Format Center

We are super excited to launch our new Growth Format location.  These are smaller format locations that are often under 1000 sq ft.  They feature a reduced cost to entry, and a reduced equipment package.  This makes the business model less complicated and easier to run with more digital technology than ever, but with enough power to allow you to build a wonderful lifestyle and scale your business as you grow.

These types of centers are a perfect fit in strip malls/plazas, downtown cores where rents can be high, but there are lots of businesses that need our services.  So the easier it is to get to your clients and for them to get to you gives you a tremendous customer service advantage over the competition. The growth format centers can sell everything an expanded format center can sell, there is no difference in their ability to serve the business clientele.

Our growth format centers have manufacturing capability to product our highest service categories in house that can be produced fastest and most efficiently for the money.

Our growth format centers have room to add production capacity as you grow and build scale.  So you don’t have too much invested in production equipment that is not running as often as it could be.

Floor Plan


Franchise Fee: $24,950
Equipment, Fixtures & Supplies: $18,592 - $70,463
Leasehold Improvements: $25,000
Opening Launch and Training: $15,000
Initial Working Capital: $25,000

Total Initial Investment: $119,382 - $178,600
Liquid Capital Required: $100,000

Ongoing Costs:
Technology Fee: $300/mo
Royalties: 6%

Brand Fee: 2%

CANADA investment RANGE*
Franchise Fee: $24,950 CAD
Equipment, Fixtures & Supplies: $27,425 - $88,301 CAD
Leasehold Improvements: $25,000 CAD
Opening Launch and Training: $15,000 CAD
Initial Working Capital: $25,000 CAD

Total Initial Investment: $118,875 - $218,050 CAD
Liquid Capital Required: $100,000

Ongoing Costs:
Technology Fee: $300/mo USD
Royalties: 6%

Brand Fee: 2%

*This ESTIMATE is subject to change pending completion of final working drawings, terms of the lease, potential need for additional permitting drawings as required by the City and the final size and condition of the space. At time of presenting the final budget, a firm number will be provided based off of the working drawings and a detailed quotation received from the trades/contractor for the required scope of work.
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Making logos stand out.

We provide quality embroidery services on practically anything you can imagine. Our centers have state-of-the-art embroidery machines to provide you with anything from individual personalization to thousands of pieces. You can count on us to make your brand more visible.

Big or small, fancy and fast.

With wide format and digital printing equipment, our centers can produce nearly any sign, banner or display a business or organization may require, including retractable banner stands, A-frames, tradeshow booths and much more. For permanent or temporary use, indoors or out.

Personalized shirts with your logo or design.

We create t-shirts with custom designs using the latest technologies in direct to garment, heat transfers, lettering and screen printing which allows for maximum flexibility with order size and a fast turnaround to customize each order.

Items that stand out and are remembered.

There is no shortage of ways to promote your business. From branded pens to drinkware to flashlights, there are endless options at your disposal. Talk to us about finding the right solution for you and your customers.

Effectively communicate with ink and paper.

Let us help you create the printed materials that will promote both your brand and your message. Customized brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, manuals, mailers and more designed to make you more visible to your customers.