Unit Economics

What's Right For You

This is a really important topic, for both of us, if together we decide that you are going to be part of our brand. We are making a 10 year commitment.

Unit Economics

So, of course, you want to know that the business you are buying will support the lifestyle that you want for you and your family.

We need to make sure that you have all the information that you need to make that decision, but at the same time, we can’t deliver that information in a manner that will influence you.

The truth is we don’t know what is right for you. One person’s definition of success, be it income, investment, time or effort may not hold for the next person that we talk to. Our business model has tremendous flexibility, allowing you to build what you want, whatever that looks like for you.

Included in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is some fundamental sales information some regarding the performance of our Centers currently in the system. Some of which is included here. After you have submitted your online profile, you will receive the full FDD for review.

  • Average Sales for the top 25% of our system $530,818

  • Average Sales for the top 50% of our system $397,692

Note – All figures noted above are based on 2018 and are updated annually.

You will be given access to our T12M Planning Tool, which you can use as you go through the validation process to build a financial picture of the business that you will own and operate, and gain insight into the actions you will need to take to build that business to your desired level of success.

Some of the interesting nuances to our business includes, but is not limited to, a number of factors.

  • There are a number of items that we sell that are pretty transactional by nature. We can advertise things like T-shirts, hats, bags, pens, and water bottles through various channels and it will make the phone ring or drive client interaction.
  • Other items that we sell are very much solution driven, and it doesn’t matter how much we advertise them it will rarely make the phone ring to drive client dialogue. For instance, we can advertise custom graphics applied to sidewalks and concrete all we want, they will likely not sell very well for the cost.  That type of graphic is a solution that we have to take to a customer for a specific situation.

Because of the custom nature and the scalability of our business, franchisees gravitate towards certain categories based on their own level of comfort.  In the same way that franchisees will build the business to the level that they are comfortable with, they will often promote a favorite category or two depending on their individual preferences.

Other factors that can impact the unit economics of a typical center include:

  • The mix of consumer vs business customers.
  • The percentage of repeat business in the Center.
  • The amount of inbound vs outbound marketing that is done by the Center.

It is important to say each time we address this topic, the Franchisee cannot assume that they will produce the same results, as those noted above.

The responsibility for owning and operating your business is, and always will be, yours. You join a Franchise System to gain access to the tools, processes and systems that will improve the probability of success.

Instant Imprints cannot guarantee the results of your Center. As those results will depend on a number of matters outside the control of Instant Imprints, including the skills and abilities of the Franchisee, their vision of success, the effort that the Franchisee makes to implement actions and tools, the Franchisee’s territory and fluctuating market and general economic conditions.

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Making logos stand out.

We provide quality embroidery services on practically anything you can imagine. Our centers have state-of-the-art embroidery machines to provide you with anything from individual personalization to thousands of pieces. You can count on us to make your brand more visible.

Big or small, fancy and fast.

With wide format and digital printing equipment, our centers can produce nearly any sign, banner or display a business or organization may require, including retractable banner stands, A-frames, tradeshow booths and much more. For permanent or temporary use, indoors or out.

Personalized shirts with your logo or design.

We create t-shirts with custom designs using the latest technologies in direct to garment, heat transfers, lettering and screen printing which allows for maximum flexibility with order size and a fast turnaround to customize each order.

Items that stand out and are remembered.

There is no shortage of ways to promote your business. From branded pens to drinkware to flashlights, there are endless options at your disposal. Talk to us about finding the right solution for you and your customers.

Effectively communicate with ink and paper.

Let us help you create the printed materials that will promote both your brand and your message. Customized brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, manuals, mailers and more designed to make you more visible to your customers.