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Instant Imprints Training and Support

It is our intention to provide every franchisee joining our system, with a complete understanding of the 4 Pillars of our business: SALES, PROFIT, OPERATIONS and PEOPLE. Creating a foundation for success that is unique to our industry.

Our theme, at every step of the training process is to provide MORE CLARITY and LESS STRESS.

Training is delivered in five segments: IIU – Pre-Training, Instant Imprints University (IIU), Post- IIU Training, Opening Support and the FastStart Program.

The part we call IIU Pre-Training is intended to provide our new Franchisees with an introduction to our systems, equipment and processes. It has been designed for delivery in the field, at an approved Training Center, over the course of 1 week, prior to you attending Instant Imprints University (IIU).

The IIU Training Program is conducted at our Training Center in San Diego, over the course of two weeks and focuses on three parts of the business that we know are of great importance to you, the owner:

  • Business Management
  • Customer Relationships
  • Growing Your Business

The segment of the training called IIU Post-Training, is intended to provide the new Franchisee, or their staff, with a “basic proficiency” in the various production tasks that are part of our business. It has been designed for delivery in the field, at an approved Training Center, over the course of 2 weeks, after attending Instant Imprints University (IIU) but prior to the opening of your own Center.

Operations experts will be on-hand to provide Opening Support when you open for business. Your Center will be correctly set-up and ready for business when you unlock the door for your first day of business. Then you will have years of experience and support to back you up through those first few exciting days of your new business.

The FastStart Program, is an activity based and mentor supported program designed to “jump start” your business. It is the part of your training where you will “build the habits” you need to develop, manage and grow your business. FastStart has a heavy emphasis on the Sales Development, as that is always the first priority of any new business.

It is built on the premise that there will be ongoing dialogue to plan activity and measure the success that the activity creates. It is intended to be one part planning, one part coaching, one part accountability and one part celebration. We recommend that you start this program, two weeks after the opening of your center and it is designed to be delivered over the course of 15 weeks.

And, all of this is only the beginning, as you will have the on-going support of both our Home Office and when available, a local Area Franchisee, throughout the full term of your franchise.

Grand Opening

Instant Imprints has a Grand Opening Launch program that will help you with the initial marketing and immediate development your business. These marketing initiatives are designed to help you get a quick start in revenue to your business. We also have an on-going marketing plan that supports your day to day marketing to continue to drive business to your location.


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