5 Promotional Strategies for Your Non-Profit

The biggest challenge facing non-profits today is their ability to spread the word about their cause and raise funds. Having a strong promotional strategy to promote your non-profit helps boost awareness of your organization. This ensures that potential donors and volunteers have a way to find you on the crowded web.

Below is listed 5 ways to promote your nonprofit so that you can bring your level of service to an entirely new scale.

Leverage Google GrantsGoogle Grants for Non-Profits

The software behemoth, Google Inc, does provide all eligible and qualified non-profits with $10,000 worth of FREE Ads. These ads help them share their story with audiences all over the world. Such increased visibility allows these non-profits access to a larger pool of volunteer and attract more donations.

Focus on Quality Content

No matter what your nonprofit represents, producing high-quality informational content is important. This content should help explain the reasons why standing behind your cause is so important. It motivates and inspires people to support your mission. Your content should inform the public and not sell to them.

Start a Social Media Trend

Remember the old adage "a picture is worth more than a thousand words". Start a great online campaign and encourage fans to share your message. Use platforms like Instagram to spread word about your organization using a relevant picture and a catchy #hashtag to make it go viral.

Use Custom Designed T-Shirts to Spread Awareness

Custom designed t-shirts are a great means of building hype around your non-profit's message. You can sell them at your event. Or just give it away to every participation as a thank you for registering for the event. To keep your costs low, using a white t-shirt is always the best. Darker the colour of your shirt the more expensive it gets to produce the same.

Use Practical Promotional Products

Research has conclusively proven that providing your audience with a branded product that is practical is very useful. Your brand will be recalled with much more fervour. This goes a long way in getting your brand and message out to the world. As long as your brand, through this product, can be integrated into their daily lives, you stand to gain.

Whatever cause you’re fighting for, it’s important to partner with a promotional company you can trust. Instant Imprints Mississauga East  is dedicated to getting your job done right, the first time, so you can focus on raising awareness about your nonprofit’s mission.




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