3 Business Lessons from a Labrador Retriever

Today (May 31, 2019) will be five years since our family Labrador Retriever, Max, breathed his last without any warning. Max came to our home when he was all of eight weeks old. And when we moved to Canada, over 14 years ago, he moved here with us. For the ten and half years since…
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5 Cognitive Biases That Help in Your Marketing

Did you know that cognitive biases can help you in your marketing of your small and medium business? So, what are there "cognitive biases"? They are those little tricks our mind plays on us. Now, our brain is capable of some very powerful processing work. Despite this, it is prone to making bizarre assumptions and…
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5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Branded Apparel

High quality branded work apparel give your business a sense of style. More importantly, it helps create a sense of professionalism and focus in the work place. Here we look at the top 5 reasons why your business should invest in branded apparel for growth. Business Culture Research has proved that branded work apparel helps…
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