New Year’s Resolutions: A No-nonsense Guide

Every January, I map out a few things that I want to accomplish in that year. I call them my Objectives. Essentially they’re New Year’s resolutions but, unlike resolutions, I find that I can achieve most of my Objectives year after year. Like most people, I used to struggle to finish most of what I…
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10 Amazing Books I Read in 2016

At the start of the year, I tasked myself to read fifteen books in 2016. It was a modest goal to begin with. I hoped to start at fifteen and then move to twenty, and go slowly up from there. Little did I expect to more than double the amount of books I ended up…
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Custom Branded Clothing

As a small or medium business owner you have probably been faced with the daunting situation of pricey advertising media. Mass media, that purports to have a wide reach, can cost a fortune. Often, a single ad in mass media can wipe out the entire annual marketing budget of a small or medium business. But…
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