What Kind of Sign or Banner Is Best For Your Marketing Strategy? – Part 2

By Jacqui Antonetti, Instant Imprints

In our last article, we talked about one out of two of the most common branding and advertising tools: banners. Today we talk about the other one: signs.

Let’s get straight to the point.

Light Boxes

Light boxes are great advertising tools that can be used indoor or outdoor. Their main use is as information signage (like directories, maps, and instructions), directive signage (for directions to facilities and public spaces), identification signage (indicators of specific attributes of products, services, or facilities), and safety and regulatory signage (most commonly used by the public sector to alert rules and regulations).

Raised Letter Signs

These are 3D letters commonly used for business’ names, indoor and outdoor. This type of sign is not only eye-catching, but it also helps businesses look professional.

They come in a variety of fonts that you can choose from.

Plasticade Wind Signs

This is one of the signs that we recommend for outdoor. As its name implies, this is ideal in cities that tend to be windy.

Ideally, you would place it at the entrance of your business, usually on the sidewalk, to highlight a promotion, services you offer, or even instructions, among other information.


These are similar to the wind signs, but usually not as resistant. They are also recommended for outdoors in the same way you would use a wind sign.

Yard Signs

Although it’s an effective branding tool for different businesses, this type of sign is ideal for home contractors and retail businesses. They are light, easy to carry and place, low cost, and very visible.

Regardless of the type of sign that best works for your business, one of the most important things, if not THE most important, is the message that you write on your sign. This should be short, precise, appealing, and must include a call to action. Otherwise, your will not have the ROI you expect from these marketing tools.

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