Your Customers – 4, 4 & 92

A friend and small business owner recently asked for my thoughts on generating transactions for his business. Had I scripted this moment (and I didn't) I couldn't have found a better starting point for my article today. What business owner hasn't thought about getting more customers? Even if (when) you are blessed with all you…
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Dialogue vs Monologue

I don't think that there is an owner of a small business, anywhere, that hasn't  dreamed of more customers and a big advertising budget to make that happen. Be careful what you wish for. For a small business that could do you more harm than good. I say that based on what I have learned from Jay…
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Give Us A Shout!

Promote, recognize and celebrate... We like to think that we are your "one-stop shop." Instant Imprints Centers have everything that you need to promote, recognize and celebrate... your school, team and club. We create visibility for you five different ways: Branded Apparel, Signs and Banners, Promotional Products, Custom T-Shirts and Print Services. We have the…
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