Corporate Gift Giving With Instant Imprints

It’s that time of the year when business owners and professionals in managerial roles start to think of ways to show appreciation to their customers and to employees for their loyalty, hard work and the value they add to their business. A corporate gift is the most common way to show that appreciation. However, not…
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Tee It Up for the Troops Golf Tournament: Honor, Remember, Respect

On Monday, September 9th, Instant Imprints was proud to again be a part of this year’s Tee It Up for the Troops event in Vista, California at the Vista Valley Country Club. The week also marked our nation’s 18th anniversary of 9/11. Americans from all corners of these United States remembered the deadliest attack on…
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Old School Customer Service will Always Prevail!

Service matters because we are human beings and our sense of humanity demands it. This is an excerpt and adaptation from an article authored by Joseph A. Michelli, but many things rang true to me and the insight is valuable and worth sharing. As the technology industry continues its exponential growth, millennials continue to grow their…
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