Who Should Invest in Custom Spirit Gear?

Custom spirit gear can bring a greater level of enthusiasm and participation to your team or organization. Gear such as custom t-shirts, banners, and promotional products can be used to boost your school pride or bring cohesiveness to your business team. Though custom t-shirts and other pieces of gear are useful for virtually any organization, let’s take a look at some of the specific groups that could get the most benefit from showing off their custom spirit gear.

Schools and Universities

When one thinks of spirit gear, college apparel is often the first thing that comes to mind. Walking around a campus, it seems that nearly every student has a custom t-shirt representing their school. Even after college, many graduates like to represent their alma mater by showing off their personalized license plate frames or congratulatory cups. School spirit builds one student at a time as more and more custom gear hits the campus!

Volunteer Organizations

When you want to represent what your volunteer organization stands for, nothing beats a custom t-shirt that spells out your vision and mission. Custom tees can be used to spread awareness about your cause in a way that is economical, accessible and effective. They are economical because shirts are an affordable way to make an impression—with no minimum orders—and accessible because custom t-shirts are globally popular. This makes them effective tools to convey your organization’s message.

There may be other promotional products that can be crafted to meet the specific needs of your organization. By customizing products that potential supports may use, you can integrate your organization’s values into their daily lives. The products themselves can be suited to your cause, such as a dog toy branded with your animal shelter organization’s logo. Custom t-shirts and specialized products like these can be used to reward your fellow volunteers!

Sports Teams

Whatever team you’re a part of, there’s no better way to enjoy the experience than by sporting some custom spirit gear. From schoolyard rivalries to adult leagues, custom t-shirts and other spirit gear can give teammates and fans the energetic edge at your next event. Custom spirit gear is perfect for both fans and players alike. Fans can show their support for the team while players can boast their team spirit on and off the field of play.

A sporting event often involves a competition between fans: who can show the most team spirit? Using unique and vibrant spirit gear is a great way for fans to show what team they love the most. If you need some design inspiration, just look at some homemade fan outfits at a popular sporting event. Fans will go a long way to show their support!


When your employees show their pride in your company by wearing custom gear, they are helping to build an atmosphere of team spirit and professionalism. Custom t-shirts with your business logo can be personalized for each employee so that they can feel uniquely connected with your company. They can also help your employees be more recognizable and approachable to customers. If your employee sports some personalized embroidery, this puts them on a first-name basis with your customers. When your team believes and supports your brand vision, you’ll be creating an environment of productivity and connection.

Faith Groups

Wearing spirit gear is a great way to celebrate a particular event, group or spiritual icon. Your next communal event could be made special by investing in spirit gear such as custom t-shirts and banners. Show some support for your spiritual family by sharing some spirit gear with them—you’ll be taking your stand as a community representing unity and faith.


Whatever your interests are, there’s likely a local club that has like-minded people to share them with. When a club starts to become established, its members can show their support for each other with some team spirit gear. There may be people with similar interests who are unaware of your club—custom t-shirts are the perfect way to spread awareness about what you do. Try bringing some team spirit gear to your next meetup!

Your Source for Spirit Gear

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