How-to Guide: 5 Steps for Ordering Your Custom Team Uniforms

Nothing defines your team’s vision and mission better than the spirit gear and uniforms that you wear. In sports, a strong visual presence on the field can not only intimidate your opponents but can inspire and excite your fans as well. In the workplace, team uniforms can create a sense of connection and community among fellow employees. When it comes to choosing which team uniforms serve your team or your brand the best, it’s important to not only design an effective uniform but also to use a producer that provides the highest quality customized garments possible.

Instant Imprints brings together design and production all under one roof, with Image Experts that are ready to help your project be the best that it can. Let’s take a look at the steps you’ll want to take to get the perfect custom team uniforms.

Step 1: Decide on Your Uniform Type

The first step in creating your ideal apparel is to decide on the uniform type that is right for your team. There are plenty of tried-and-true uniform types that you can pick from, or you can make your own totally customized piece of spirit gear. This includes making choices about garment style and materials that you’ll want to use. Remember that team uniforms aren’t just about looks, but performance and comfort as well. There are a variety of athletic fabrics that are perfect for the field—they are usually known as ‘synthetic blends’ and can be perforated for increased breathability. Whether you’re looking for practice jerseys or full-blown custom spirit gear, Instant Imprints can help you get the uniform your team needs.

Step 2: Choose Your Design Options

Take some time to visualize what you’d like your final product to be and the impact that you want it to have. Will you include names on the jerseys, player numbers or both? Do you want to slap an image of a great white shark on the front of your jersey, or are you looking for something a bit more subdued? A powerful logo is a great way to make your jersey come together, but be sure to choose colors and fonts that compliment it. You may also opt to use custom embroidery to bring a new level of sophistication and durability to your uniform. Our Image Experts can help you determine the ideal design options to make your logo stand out powerfully.

Step 3: Determine Your Uniform Sizing and Order Size

Are you ordering uniforms for your individual team members or one-size-fits-all spirit gear for your fans? Fans are often happy to wear oversized gear or even turn undersized gear into flags or banners, so they aren’t as particular about proper sizing as your players may be. If you’re ordering for your teammates, you’ll want to pick the right fits. When it comes to determining how many uniforms you need to order, having some extra ones can’t hurt. It’s a good idea to have a spare uniform on hand for each player that’s kept clean for photo shoots and other public appearances. Some players are known to destroy jerseys on the field—perhaps you’ll want to buy an extra set for them!

Step 4: Place Your Order

If you haven’t visited your local Instant Imprints yet, now is the time. With the help of an Image Expert, you can finalize your design and production numbers before placing your order. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your uniform is being produced all under one roof at your local center. We’ll get your job done right the first time and delivered on time. Combining a world-class service with a local touch, you’ll be sure to receive the highest quality uniforms possible. Instant Imprints can also supply you with promotional products and spirit gear branded with your team’s logo so you can spread your message on and off the field.

Step 5: Play Hard!

Once you’ve designed, ordered and received your custom uniforms and spirit gear, it’s time to put them to use! Make your mark on the field or court by wearing your new uniform proudly. If you’ve ordered other types of spirit gear along with your new uniforms, you can gift them to fans as a way to generate excitement for your new image. Your uniform helps reinforce your team as a cohesive powerhouse in whatever arena you choose to play in. So go out, have fun and make the win!

When you’re ready to take your team’s image to the next level. Instant Imprints is the partner you need to succeed. Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line team uniforms, promotional products, custom embroidered apparel or other spirit gear such as banners and signs, your local Instant Imprints center can provide you with the custom goods you need to win big. Stop by your local center to get started today!

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