Why Corporate Identity is Important to Grow Your Business

january-2017-right-messageBy Jacqui Antonetti – Instant Imprints, Marketing

If you are a Marketing professional or work in the visibility industry you very well know the answer to that question. If that is the case reading this article will allow you one of two things: either back up or contradict the lines to follow. If you agree, then you will have certainty that at Instant Imprints we understand your need to be more visible to your customers. If you don’t agree, then you can start the conversation and we will be more than happy to engage in a constructive dialogue with you.

Now, if you are a professional in other area or a small business owner you don’t necessarily know the true role that corporate identity plays in getting the right message about your business out there.

For simplicity purpose, I will leave out the term ‘corporate’ and will focus on the ‘identity’ part. I think you’ll appreciate it.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, one of the definitions of the term identity  is “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.” There are other definitions, but this is the one relevant to our article.In other words, identity is what makes us unique, and being unique doesn’t mean that you and only you have a particular trait or characteristic. It means that the way you use it and project it to the world is unique to you. So, think about it for a second…

Think in terms of you as a person. You have certain talents and traits that make you unique. Those talents and traits may not be exclusive to you, but the way you combine them and use them to build your vision does make you unique.

Now, imagine you know of at least five more people who have the same traits as you and you are trying to stand out for whatever reason. Imagine you are trying to let people know that although you may be perceived as the same as the other five, you are actually different. Imagine that you need to let them know how you are different. Imagine that you only have few seconds to plant that seed of ‘I am different’ in other people’s minds, and imagine that you want people to remember that difference every time they see you.

Well, how do you do that? You can do that in a variety of ways; however, only one achieves the goal in instants: your external image. This is the way you present yourself to the world.

People judge! And people judge mostly based on what we look like when they see us. So, if we want to be ‘judged’ by the right reasons and with accuracy as to whom we really are, then we have to make sure that our looks are consistent with who we are and with how we want to be remembered.

The same applies in business. The corporate identity is basically a perception that people have of our brand based on what we project; based on how we look first, and then on what their experience with us has been.

If we are honest when building (and showing off) that corporate identity, then their experience will be consistent with the perception they created in their mind when they saw our ‘looks’. This leads us to the simplest answer to the question in the headline Why Corporate Identity is Important to Grow Your Business? Because if we attract people by the way we look, and then we back up our look with a customer experience that matches that perception, the natural consequence will be more sales!

At Instant Imprints we help your business project its corporate identity in a way that is aligned to its foundational values. Visit us for a free consultation at a center near you: https://instantimprints.com/find-a-center/.

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