Branded Apparel: A Fantastic Way to Stand Out in Business

By Instant Imprints – Jacqui Antonetti, Marketing

How many times have you found yourself somehow immersed in a situation like the one described in the video? I’m sure your answer is “more than once.”

If you have been asked by someone if you work at a shop where you actually are a customer just like them, you may have found the situation funny. However, if you have been the customer trying to find some assistance and not being sure who the actual employees at the store are, then you have probably experienced some annoyance.

In either case, the conclusion is the same: being one of the crowd is not good in business!

Yes, there are many ways to stand out in the crowd and, in business you want to make sure your brand stands out for the right reasons… Great customer service, fabulous quality, vast expertise, always on time, fair prices, and a variety of options to choose from are amongst the top qualities you want your business to be recognized for.

Once all the above is in place, the next step is to make sure that all those positive qualities are endorsed to the right brand: YOUR BRAND! And how do you achieve that? You achieve it by including your brand’s name and visual image everywhere possible, starting with apparel.

A well embroidered shirt or hat, for example speaks for your brand. It also helps to start a conversation that may very well end in a deal.

I know you may be a business owner or a marketing manager or a director at a company, so you may be reading this article from the business standpoint. I now invite you to put yourself in the position of a customer and live the experience of coming across a person wearing a branded shirt that represents the business you’re trying to work with. How does it feel? How useful do you find it? How seeing that piece of branded apparel made your life a bit (or a lot) easier?

So, remember that many times in life it’s the small things what make a big difference. And a logo on a shirt, a jacket, a sweater or a cap may be a little thing, but it certainly has the potential to become something much bigger for your business.

At Instant Imprints you can find a variety of options to choose from along with all the qualities mentioned earlier, not only in the branded apparel category but also in signs and banners, promotional products, custom t-shirts, and print services.

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