All About Team Spirit Gear

Whatever team you’re rooting for, be it a sports team, work team or other type of organization, nothing shows your support better than the perfect team spirit gear. From cheerleaders to workplace heroes, Instant ImprintsⓇ can help you create a variety of custom t-shirts, banners or other promotional products so that you can cheer on your team all season long. In order to maximize the benefit from using gear like this, it’s helpful to understand what drives and excites your team. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when it comes to picking the perfect team spirit gear.

It’s All About Energy

Team spirit is all about energizing teammates and fans. Players on the field push harder when they have the support of a raucous group of fans. In this way, sports fans feel that they play a part in the success of their team.

Sporting events will often be a contest between fans about who can show their support in the most energetic way. This is a big reason why the home-field advantage is very real in the sporting world. Similarly, workers who feel they are supported by their peers are energized into performing better. There’s no better way to show your support for a fellow teammate or coworker by donning cheerful and invigorating team spirit gear.

Finding the Right Spirit Gear

Determining what types of spirit gear are right for your team is about understanding how to invigorate your base. This means knowing what types of apparel or products your team and fans are most interested in, and knowing what types of branding they would be most excited to promote. Having an iconic symbol—such as the Green Bay Packers’ cheese head—is a great way to allow fans to show their support in a unique way. The cheese head may not be for everybody, but it is worth considering more tried-and-true options such as branded jerseys, hats and bags. Of course, at a sporting event nothing beats the tried-and-true banner wielded by an enthusiastic fan.

After branding the basics, you can expand into more unique ventures such as branded costumes and unique promotional goods. Get creative! Customizing your gear to hype up a particular event is an even more specialized way of generating team spirit. When a custom tee promotes a specific game, fans will have a way of remembering a nostalgic—maybe even historic—experience. Branding event-specific goods helps to mark the date as one that will be remembered and provides an extra sense of value to that particular event. Custom goods like these can serve as truly iconic memories for years to come.

Everyday Team Spirit

That being said, showcasing team spirit doesn’t have to be confined to just special occasions. By integrating your logo into everyday objects, supporters can show their love for your team throughout their daily lives. Notebooks, pens and embroidered backpacks are fantastic ways to make team spirit an everyday virtue.

Encouraging fans to share pictures of their spirit gear on social media is another great way to spread enthusiasm. You can even set up a contest that rewards those who share your brand the most on social media. Using hashtags is a great way to promote this spread of social media engagement. You can print your specific #TeamSpirit phrase or brand motto on your branded goods. This approach is especially effective with teenage and college audiences, since they’ll be able to track their friends’ activities and get to know others through exploring the hashtag.

Encouraging Spirit Gear Use

In order to encourage the use of your spirit gear, you can reward those who sport it. For example, team members that show off your promotional pins or are especially encouraging to fellow teammates can be recognized for what they bring to your group. Consider taking a poll on which kinds of promotional goods your team would like to see produced. Getting your team involved in the design of your spirit gear is another great way to encourage their involvement.

Grow Your Team Spirit With Instant Imprints

If you want your team spirit flourish, it’s important to use the highest quality promotional goods and printing service you can find. Instant Imprints helps you build a buzz by allowing you to create a wide variety of goods under one roof. From banners, custom t-shirts, printed goods or promotional products, our Image Experts can help you design the spirit gear that’s right for your team. Best of all, our world-class production happens all in-house at your local center. We aim to get your project done right the first time around and delivered when you need it. Stop by your nearest Instant Imprints showroom today to take the next step toward greater team spirit!

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