8 Tips for Boosting School Spirit This Year

School spirit is a vital energy that gives students the enthusiasm to play hard and study well. When school spirit is high, morale around the campus is positive and friendly. This brings students together with a greater sense of fellowship and a shared drive for success. Nothing boosts school spirit better than the perfect spirit gear, so let’s take a look at some tips for bringing school spirit to a record high this year.

Let Your School’s Colors Fly

Your school’s team colors are an easily identifiable way to show team pride. Not only can you brand custom t-shirts with your school’s colors, but you can also place them on a range of promotional products, from water bottles to flash drives. Imagine being decked out head-to-toe in your team colors, while also having customized backpacks, binders and pens to match! This get-up would surely be the envy of any team spirit gear enthusiast—rival schools won’t be able to match the levels of hype that this will bring to sports games.

Use Customized Banners

Custom signs and banners can show off your school spirit in a big way. Since you can make a banner in virtually any size you want, you can explode your team logo to decorate the side of your stadium or create smaller signs for cheerleaders and fans to wield. Consider handing out pieces of a larger sign to fans in the bleachers for them to hold up together and create a cohesive whole. This can be both impressive and intimidating to rival schools—it’s a powerful display of how unified you are!

Take Advantage of Spirit Gear Giveaways

While some fans may happily throw down cash to pick up some spirit gear and support their school, other students may feel more reluctant to do so. Giveaways and contests can help to supply these students with spirit gear—they’ll be even more enthusiastic about sporting it if they’ve won it. At sports games, you can giveaway gear in fun ways. For example, consider having a “Tees for Threes” program at your next basketball game: for every three-pointer that your team scores, your cheerleaders launch a few custom t-shirts into the crowd. These types of giveaways are great ways to build hype while spreading around your spirit gear!

Launch a Design Contest

Using student-designed promotional material is a fantastic way to help students feel more involved with their school’s vision. Consider launching a design contest for your next batch of promotional gear, where students can vote on which designs they like the best. You can then head over to your local Instant Imprints and put the design on a custom t-shirt, jacket or notepad. You’ll be sure to get some fresh ideas with this approach!

Rev Up Enthusiasm with a School Spirit Event

Rallies and celebrations are ways to bring school spirit to a boiling point. Schools can let students go all-out for a time with their spirit gear—dancing, singing and dressing up in wild ways can help students creatively express themselves. If your team makes a big win, don’t forget to let the fans celebrate with all the spirit gear they can handle!

Plan a “Meet the Team” or “Meet the Coach” Event

Your fans can show their support and get engaged in a personable and exciting way by visiting a “Meet the Team” event. The community will be able to show their support for their favorite players and get interesting insight into team dynamics directly from the coach. These events can even be organized as exclusive dinners or lunches that have tickets that are raffled away. For a diehard fan, this will definitely be a memorable event!

Create a Charity Walk

Students can gather around a good cause by organizing a charity walk. Money is pledged for students to walk (or run) a certain distance, and students compete to raise the most donations. Seeing the impact of a charitable donation can really bring a school together. School spirit isn’t just for hyping up fans during a big game—it can also make a positive impact on the world.

Give Each Class a Custom Shirt

Not only can you create spirit gear that celebrates the school as a whole, but you can also supply each graduating class with their own custom design. This will create a more unique bond between classmates, and they’ll be able to cherish and remember the years they spent together by holding onto their class t-shirts. At the reunion in fifty years, see who shows up wearing one!

Whatever team-spirit boosters you take on this year, Instant Imprints can help you from initial design to final production. Your spirit gear will be produced all under one roof at your local center—crafted with quality and delivered on time. Take a big step toward a year full of school spirit by visiting an Instant Imprints near you today.


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