5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility This Summer

Summer is a season that calls for beaches, adventures and unwinding in the sun. That means more people are outdoors, taking in not just the sunshine but the summer signage as well. It’s a perfect time to give your business a boost by increasing its outdoor advertising presence with a variety of displays and decorations. To help you discover the best signage strategies, we’ve compiled this list of 5 ways to increase your summer visibility.

  1. Banners

Custom banners open up a variety of outdoor advertising possibilities, with an array of sizes and materials available. Two primary benefits of banners is that they are durable and portable, so you can take them wherever you need to, indoors or out. You can catch the eyes of passersby with a banner advertising summer specials placed outside of your storefront, or roll them out on a display at your local farmers market stand. Be sure to use a reputable banner printing business because care has to be taken to utilize the proper UV inks and heat-resistant materials for the signs to be suitable for summer use. You’ll also have to consider the methods used and materials needed to hang your banner and whether it’s a DIY job or will need the help of a professional.

  1. Vehicle Signage

Nothing beats a summer cruise, so why not promote your business on the go? Vehicle wraps, magnets, and lettering are an exciting way to bring potential customers face-to-face with your brand image. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicle ads have the lowest cost-per-impression versus any other form of advertising. This means you’re gaining a lot of exposure and visibility for a better value than most other methods. More and more people are becoming open to using branded signage on their vehicles. In addition, having a custom branded business fleet can take your brand image to the next level. Hit the road with your logo and have an effective way to make your impressions count.

  1. Sidewalk Signs

You’ve probably noticed the phenomenon that, for some reason, sidewalk signs seem to go viral on the Internet more than any other form of ad. A chalkboard and a creative artist can help you make the front page, but you can also use sidewalk signs as a cost-effective way to promote your printed logo to pedestrians. Sidewalk signs serve as a kind of “call-to-action” for passersby who are open to checking out what you have to offer. As such, sidewalk signs can have a more conversational quality, saying “Hey, check this out!” Unpretentious, effective and in-your-face, sidewalk signs bring your message right to the customer’s path.

  1. Flags

Just like banners, custom flags are a durable and reusable way to stand out. Even more so than banners, flags offer unmatched portability and ease of use. The gentle, wind-flapping movement of a flag grabs attention more than static advertisement could, and have a kind of aliveness that beckons viewers to come check out what is being offered. Popular for decorating business entrances and open houses, flags clearly demarcate your location to drivers and pedestrians alike. Your business can use flags to grab attention from the street without the need to employ a sign-twirler.

  1. Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to promote summer specials and drive store traffic. Since they are relatively inexpensive, window graphics can be changed regularly to bring freshness to your storefront and advertise your latest products. Many municipalities require permits for hanging outdoor signs, but not for window graphics. They can also provide shade and privacy in a way that promotes your business better than plain curtains or blinds ever could.

But what if you’ve got your window graphics taken care of and now you’re looking for something a little more… extreme?

Bonus: Aerial Advertising

If you’ve hung out on a popular beach in the summer, you may have seen the use of aerial advertising—planes towing huge banners across the sky. It is very impressive though at times it can seem a bit over-the-top. You may have a local company that will tow your logo into the horizon for a fee. Plan on calculating for flight time, fuel costs and weather conditions to determine if this form of extreme advertising is right for you.

Aerials aside, the benefits of stepping up your outdoor advertising over the summer are clear. Representing your brand against a backdrop of sunny skies with a variety of displays such as banners, vehicle signage, sidewalk signs, flags and window graphics can give your summer visibility a serious boost. Whether you want to decorate the sidewalk, your storefront or the skies, stop by a local Instant Imprints center with your ideas.

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