5 Promotional Strategies For Your Nonprofit (Infographic)

The biggest challenge that nonprofits face is spreading the word about their cause. Having a strong promotional strategy for your nonprofit helps boost awareness about your mission and ensures that potential donors and volunteers have a way to find you and lend a hand. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to promote your nonprofit so you can bring your level of service to an entirely new scale.


Promotional Strategies for Nonprofits Infographic

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Focus on Quality Content

No matter what your nonprofit represents, spreading awareness about your cause is crucial to building the resources and support needed to make a major change. When you produce high-quality informational content that explains the reasons why standing behind your cause is so important, you motivate and inspire people to support your mission. Focus on informing the public rather than selling to them.

Utilize Google Grants

When it comes to finding free ways to advertise, you can’t beat grants. Google Ad Grants offer $10,000 worth of AdWords credits to eligible nonprofits. Targeted advertising can help your nonprofit’s mission stay on the minds of prospective supporters.

Start a Social Media Trend

Remember that one voice or one picture can make a big impact on the social media world. Start a campaign to encourage fans to share your message. A randomly selected Instagram picture using your #hashtag could be given free gear!

Spread Awareness with Customized T-Shirts

Nothing spreads your nonprofit’s message better than a custom t-shirt design. Custom tees are a popular and comfortable way to promote an upcoming event or memorialize a past one.

Use Practical Promotional Items

Get the most out of your branded goods by catering them specifically to your audience. If you’re a tech company, think USB drives. If your customers are more athletic, perhaps branded water bottles are the way to go. Ensure that your promotional items are practical to your customers and you’ll be integrating your brand into their daily lives.

Whatever cause you’re fighting for, it’s important to partner with a promotional company you can trust. Instant Imprints is dedicated to getting your job done right, the first time, so you can focus on raising awareness about your nonprofit’s mission.

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