2017 Annual Conference – In Full Swing


Greetings to all of you, our distinguished Instant Imprints Family Members,

I do realize that we still have a lot to do before we bring this year to a close for both family and our business. It is equally important to take a moment and plan your attendance at our family reunion which is around the corner. The 2017 conference is just two months away and it will be held on February 10-11, 2017.

This is the first of what will now be Annual Conferences and it is going to be held at the Hyatt Regency French Quarter, in beautiful New Orleans.

It would not surprise me to learn that many of you have already visited New Orleans, for a gathering of your family, vacation, or another reason. I am always happy to see a gathering of the Instant Imprints family and to have it in New Orleans makes it even more exciting.

The theme of this year’s conference is “In Full Swing - Implementing for Results.”

This is a continuation of all the efforts that our team has been planning over the last couple of years to grow your businesses.

The format is much the same as the one we used so successfully at our 2015 conference in San Diego. You can again expect;

  • A celebration of our successes and acknowledgement of our Top Performing Franchisees.
  • Announcement of new exciting initiatives and programs.
  • An opportunity to interact with our vendors and network with your peers.
  • A Keynote motivational speaker who will focus on creating “Superstar Owners.”
  • Lots of information on a fresh approach to our marketing efforts.
  • Review and discussion about our recent franchisee survey.
  • 6 roundtables covering a variety of topics facilitated by your pears
  • An updated approach to online ordering for our customers.

I am very excited to be this close to the event and wanted to be the first to share with you some of the highlights of what is planned for you.



Ralph Askar



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