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Rick Ballard, Area Franchisee Partner

Announcing a new Area Franchise Partner to Colorado!

Instant Imprints is happy to announce that Richard Ballard has joined the Instant Imprints family and acquired the Area Franchise rights for Colorado!

Richard has a degree in engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and has over 22 years’ experience as a multiple unit operator for The UPS Store. He has also served four years on the National Advertising Committee as an advisor overseeing the national print and media advertising for the 4000+ The UPS Store franchisees.

In the last few years, Richard has sold his UPS Stores and is looking to use his franchise expertise to help another franchise system grow. He is eager to learn all there is to know about Instant Imprints and be a part of a network of partners.

We are very excited to welcome Richard to our Area Franchise Partner team!


In July 2015, the Instant Imprints Home Office in San Diego had the pleasure of hosting Instant Imprints University. Those in attendance were King H. Lu, Ryan Burdick, Jhunn and Linda Dualan and Shannon Zigner.  Jhunn and Linda Dualan, as well as King H. Lu, are the newest Franchisees to join our network in Canada.

Congratulations to the IIU class of July 2015 and welcome to the family. We look forward to watching them grow in their centers and wish them the best of luck!

Pictured left to right: Ralph Askar, King H. Lu, Ryan Burdick, Bob Baker, Mike Boyd, Jhunn Dualan, Linda Dualan, Shannon Zigner and Robin Burgin.

IIU Class September 2015

The Home Office in San Diego, California hosted another Instant Imprints University in September, 2015. Those in attendance were Amit Pannu and Noel Perera. Amit is the new owner of the center in Abbotsford, BC and Noel is a managing partner at our new center opening in Burnaby, BC.

Congratulations to the IIU class of September 2015 and welcome to the Instant Imprints family!

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Pictured left to right: Robin Burgin, Amit Pannu, Mike Boyd and Noel Perera.