Limitless Possibilities in Promotional Drinkware

Instant Imprints Home Dan, your Instant Imprints Man here… In our line of work, it's very important to stay on top of the latest trends in promotional marketing. Why you ask, because we here at Instant Imprints Vancouver WA. want our clients to have the most interesting trade-show booth, wear the latest styles in custom…
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Your Customers – 4, 4 & 92

A friend and small business owner recently asked for my thoughts on generating transactions for his business. Had I scripted this moment (and I didn't) I couldn't have found a better starting point for my article today. What business owner hasn't thought about getting more customers? Even if (when) you are blessed with all you…
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Dialogue vs Monologue

I don't think that there is an owner of a small business, anywhere, that hasn't  dreamed of more customers and a big advertising budget to make that happen. Be careful what you wish for. For a small business that could do you more harm than good. I say that based on what I have learned from Jay…
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