2020 Customized High School Senior T-Shirts and Hoodies 

If you're a high school senior, you are always going to look back at your high school years as some of the most influential times of your life and factor in this whole Covid-19 thing, the whole world changed when you were celebrating your final year in high school.

A lot has happened in 2020, and a fun and affordable T-shirt or hoodie representing your senior year and your school is a great idea for many reasons.
These are the type of shirts and hoodies you're going to want to keep forever, no matter how old and raggedy it gets. In fact, the older and more raggedy it gets, the more meaning it will have to you!

Customization and Pricing Info:
T-Shirts = $20
Raglan Tee = $27
Hoodies = $45
The school name will go on the back of the T-shirts and on the Right Sleeve of the Hoodies.

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