Your Local Brand

"Brand" is an idea that comes up often in marketing discussions.

It's a word that usually triggers one of my favorite rants... goes something like this -

"Really big companies like McDonalds, Coke and Apple have the time, money, and energy to advertise their brand. It's a monologue directed at potential customers, with the hope that it will tug at their heart strings or wallet. They hope that very vague and very expensive kind of advertising will some how, mysteriously cause you to buy from them."

"A company as big as Costco, single Saturday sales in a single building can be as much as $400,000, doesn't brand advertise. Is the price of brand advertising too expensive for a company with the sales that they do?"

How on earth can a small business, like ours, believe that they can brand advertise? I need advertising that generates something tangible, like a customer visit. Not every time, but way more often than not."

But... recently, I heard the idea of "brand advertising" presented in a whole new and exciting context.

It has significantly changed how we are doing business, or are going to do business. So, I thought I would pass it along and let you decide if it's of use to you.

It was suggested that how you do business, how you choose to do business... is your brand, your local brand.

A small business, especially a small, owner-operated business, is typically very careful about doing things and making promises that reflect the values of the owner(s).

Thinking of those choices, as your local brand, will make you even more focused on doing and saying what you want to be known for. It will -

  • Define your Unique Selling Proposition... the thing(s) that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Guarantee your products and services... the kind of guarantee that comes from doing what you know to be right, fair and equitable. Actions from the heart and the head.
  • Create value for your customers. Customers don't want you to just communicate value, they want you to create it.

Something as well thought out, as well crafted, as heartfelt, as important as all the above... needs to be celebrated.

Advertising your Local Brand is a great way to both celebrate and communicate what is important to you, your business, and your customers.

So how about this... give this whole idea of local brand some thought, from the perspective of how it might look in your business.

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