Why Us- Part 2- The Online Fallacy of Customized T-Shirts

Frequently we are compared to various online companies who provide some similar services/products that we do. Perhaps, it’s printing, or signs and banners, or customized t-shirts, or other types of branded apparel. I use to think that we didn’t compete with online companies.

Perhaps I was easily convinced of this because of Vista Print’s $10 business cards and other “lost leader” offers available through them and similar companies. Over the last couple of years I have looked more closely at online products and services and compared them to what we offer and found the that my “intimidation” was unwarranted.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the online fallacy as it applies to customized t-shirts.

Recently I was doing a little research of some of my online competitors in the custom t-shirts area. Now, it is not my intent to suggest or state that these companies are not good companies. I’m sure that many of them are. I’m just going to demonstrate why what we do and offer is advantageous to the consumer over the online stores that seem to be everywhere these days.

So here are a few things I found when comparing online customized t-shirt outlets to Instant Imprints-South Metro.

Fallacy 1: You can buy T-shirts online cheaper than at Instant Imprints

1. One of most popular online fallacies you often hear as it applies to customized t-shirts is that you can buy them less expensively online than through us. To test this notion, I went to several online portals and found it not to be true. We are very competitive compared to our online competitors. I’m not going to say that you will never find a better price online than what I offer; in our business anyone can beat anyone else’s price on any given day. But we are very competitive, not only with customized t-shirts, but other types of apparel as well. One last thing is that with Instant Imprints if you do feel that our price is too high, you can talk to us face-to-face and we will try to work through some options with you to help improve the cost. Try doing that with an online company.

Fallacy 2: It's more convenient to order T-Shirts online

2. Another popular online fallacy is that it is more convenient to order through online stores. In doing my research with some of my online competitors, I was impressed with the technology that some of them had built into their websites, including impressive shirt design capabilities, sophisticated e-commerce capability, and large selections of shirts and sometimes other apparel. But here’s the thing, you can’t touch what you are buying. You don’t know what it feels like, you can’t see what the actual color looks like, and you can’t try it on for fit. You pretty much are stuck with what you ordered, unless you want to go through the hassle of trying to return it. So, is the online purchase of your t-shirt really more convenient? I think not! At Instant imprints, you will find the same selection and more, and you will find samples that you can touch, see, and if you like, try on. And, if you we don’t have a sample of the particular t-shirt that you are interested in, we will get one for you at no charge. How is that for convenience?

Fallacy 3: You can buy T-shirts online easier than at Instant Imprints

3. Lastly, how about the fallacy pertaining to the web-based t-shirt designers that many online companies have available. Doesn’t this make ordering shirts online easier? Well perhaps in some cases it does, but at Instant Imprints, you have access to a professional graphic designer to help you come up with the design you really want on your t-shirts. That is about as easy as it gets.

So, when you are in the market for a customized t-shirt, whether it is one or two shirts for a special occasion, 20 for your sports team, or hundreds for your employees or a fundraiser give us a call and see how much better working with us can be.

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