Goal Setting: You Only Have Two Choices

Consistency In Action In his book, “The Power of Consistency”, renowned motivational speaker, sales trainer and author, Weldon Long, writes about the results that can be gained by not just writing your goals down, but reviewing them every single day.  According to Author Long, writing down what your goals are and then reviewing them everyday…
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How Hilda’s Tailor Played a Key Role in Super Bowl 50

 Super Bowl 50: A Defensive Game On February 7, 2016, the Denver Broncos were led by their showstopping defense to become world champions of the National Football League. Von Miller caused two fumbles as he helped the Denver defense get a record-tying seven sacks and four turnovers. Peyton Manning threw for 141 yards in what could be…
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Customer Spotlight: Proactive Physical Therapy

The Center of Excellence for Orthopedic Physical Therapy Customer Spotlight #1 - February 2, 2016. 10x10 Canvas Pop-up Our "neighbors" at Proactive Physical Therapy recently purchased a 10x10 canopy tent for their events in Denver. Proactive Physical Therapy work with a variety of people from elders to pro athletes, such as Colorado Avalanche players! (Sidenote: We attended…
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