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Branded ApparelImagine your logo or design on virtually any type of garment, bag, towel, hat, blanket or jacket - Instant Imprints can deliver with our branded apparel and embroidery services! When you are looking for the highest quality as well as the convenience of a local provider, we are your source. Our state-of-the-art centers have multiple embroidery machines to provide you with anything from individual personalization to thousands of units.

"Custom embroidery is known for its durability—your embroidered logo may well outlast the garment it was sewed on to."

With the embroidery process, there is no printing. A machine stitches a design or text onto a garment. This is a very common way for items like corporate apparel, golf shirts, hats and jackets to be created.

Why you might use this method:

  • Long-lasting.
  • Looks very professional.

Why you might not use the method:

  • Small text can be hard to read.
  • Designs cannot be overly complex, for example, it is difficult to show shading with thread.

If embroidery might not be right for your project, one of our Image Experts can recommend one of our other processes that might be better suited for it.

Our product offerings are unmatched in the industry. With brands such as NikePerry EllisPort AuthorityDickiesTommy BahamaPINGPGA TourCalvin KleinCubaveraAshworthCallawayIZOD, and Antigua - to name a few. You can count on our services to make your next meeting, event or promotion a success.

Services Include:

  • Embroidered Shirts
  • Custom hats
  • Personalized Clothing
  • Custom JacketsCustomized Shirts and Branded Apparel
  • Logo Hats
  • Embroidered Polos
  • Custom Dress Shirts
  • Custom Hoodies
  • Digitizing Embroidery

With our global buying power, Instant Imprints is also a cost-effective resource for you. We invite you to visit one of our extensive local showrooms to see samples of products and our quality.

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Benefits of Custom Embroidery

Custom embroidery can make your company’s professional apparel stand out in a sophisticated way. Embroidered work clothes can benefit workplace culture, team spirit, and credibility by giving employees a deeper sense of connection with your business. Custom embroidery can help employees easily recognize and identify each other, as well as improve customer relations by making employees more identifiable. An embroidered name on your employees’ apparel will make them more personable and approachable to customers in a much more elegant way than a name tag ever could.

Custom apparel is a one-of-a-kind way of differentiating your business from the competition. When your employees sport custom stitching, they’re taking their stand as part of a unique business environment. Offering an employee their own personalized piece of apparel can give them a sense of pride and commitment to the company. Branded apparel can be a morale booster that helps align employees with your company’s mission and goals. When team members display your brand, they are also signaling that they are a part of a culture and a community. This common thread between employees creates increased cohesiveness and team spirit.

Customers view custom apparel as a sign of legitimacy and integrity. To many, branded apparel is the mark of a successful company. When a customer sees employees wearing your custom embroidery, they can trust your employees to deliver a positive experience in a professional way.

Custom embroidery acts as mobile advertising, influencing observers and wearers alike. Your employees can serve as walking billboards both on duty and off if they sport your brand outside of the workplace. When your logo is presented by your employees with the superior quality that only custom embroidery can deliver, your brand will really stand out.

Custom Apparel Printing

Since embroidery uses custom stitching to recreate your brand logo, it is one of the best decorating methods available. Custom embroidery is known for its durability—your embroidered logo may well outlast the garment it was sewed on to. These marks of quality give your custom apparel a sense of excellence that other methods of decorating just can’t beat. Customers will be drawn to own your branded apparel due to the durability and quality of construction.

Another main benefit of embroidery is that it can be sewn into virtually any type of garment. This gives you the option of using more unique fabrics for your custom apparel, such as linen or athletic fabrics. The flexibility of your custom embroidery can really set your brand apart. With some creativity, you can find a niche of products to embroider. Custom bags, hats, towels, aprons or even steering wheel covers could help potential customers recognize your logo in even the most unexpected places.

There is no minimum for custom embroidery orders, so you can make each of your items one-of-a-kind or have them be consistent across the board. You can cater your branded apparel to your intended audience by choosing which types of items to embroider. One of the most popular items to embroider is hats, which can be used by employees and customers alike and are especially popular during the sunny summer season. However, this item may not be appropriate for all customers—brand a product that is right for your prospective base.

Stitching It Together

While custom embroidery may not be the best option for all projects, it is a solid choice to create high-quality branded apparel that makes your business stand out. If you need help deciding if embroidery is right for you, stop by our local center to consult with an Image Expert who will help you get on the right track to promoting your brand in an exciting and effective way with embroidered apparel.

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Making logos stand out.

We provide quality embroidery services on practically anything you can imagine. Our centers have state-of-the-art embroidery machines to provide you with anything from individual personalization to thousands of pieces. You can count on us to make your brand more visible.


Big or small, fancy and fast.

With wide format and digital printing equipment, our centers can produce nearly any sign, banner or display a business or organization may require, including retractable banner stands, A-frames, tradeshow booths and much more. For permanent or temporary use, indoors or out.


Personalized shirts with your logo or design.

We create t-shirts with custom designs using the latest technologies in direct to garment, heat transfers, lettering and screen printing which allows for maximum flexibility with order size and a fast turnaround to customize each order.


Items that stand out and are remembered.

There is no shortage of ways to promote your business. From branded pens to drinkware to flashlights, there are endless options at your disposal. Talk to us about finding the right solution for you and your customers.


Effectively communicate with ink and paper.

Let us help you create the printed materials that will promote both your brand and your message. Customized brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, manuals, mailers and more designed to make you more visible to your customers.

Custom Embroidery Smyrna, GA

Is your business or sports team looking to step up its brand visibility in a stylish way? Then custom embroidery from Instant Imprints in Smyrna is the custom apparel solution for you. With the latest in embroidery technology, we weave together this ancient art with the modern knowledge of our Image Experts. At Instant Imprints, we pride ourselves in getting your embroidery job done right the first time, so you can be confident in your promotional campaign. No matter what the size of your project is, Instant Imprints in Smyrna is the custom apparel shop for you.

Custom Embroidery Smyrna

When your employees sport personalized work clothes, their common threads make them a greater team. In addition, customers can more easily identify your workers when they wear branded apparel. They can be confident that a professional service is in store for them! If your work clothes are personalized, your employees and customers will be on a first name basis with each other, right from the beginning. This helps create an environment that facilitates sales.

Custom Apparel Smyrna

Sports teams know that custom embroidery can give their jerseys a major visual boost. Threads like these can make a team logo iconic, in a beautiful way that fans will want to share and support. On top of that, embroidery is one of the most durable forms of decoration out there, so your team doesn’t have to be afraid to play hard.

First impressions are important, and your custom apparel is often the first impression that prospective customers have of your brand. That’s why it’s critical to use high-quality promotional goods, and work with embroidery experts who have the knowledge and technology to bring your visual game to a new level.

At Instant Imprints in Smyrna, our Image Experts can help you craft the perfect custom apparel, all under one roof. If you have any questions about which design features or materials to use, we’re happy to help get the job done right, the first time. Instant Imprints is proud to serve businesses and sports teams in Georgia, so that they can reach new visibility heights. Check out our catalog to get started!