Making logos stand out.

Branded Apparel

Imagine your logo or design on virtually any type of garment, bag, towel, hat, blanket or jacket - Instant Imprints can deliver with our branded apparel and embroidery services!

When you are looking for the highest quality as well as the convenience of a local provider, we are your source. Our state-of-the-art centers have multiple embroidery machines to provide you with anything from individual personalization to thousands of units.

Our product offerings are unmatched in the industry. With brands such as Nike, Perry Ellis, Port Authority, Dickies, Cutter & Buck, Tommy Bahama, PING, PGA Tour, Calvin Klein, Cubavera, Ashworth, Callaway, IZOD and Antigua - to name a few. You can count on our services to make your next meeting, event or promotion a success.

Services Include:

  • Customized Shirts
  • Custom hats
  • Personalized Clothing
  • Custom JacketsCustomized Shirts and Branded Apparel
  • Logo Hats
  • Shirt Embroidery
  • Custom Polo Shirts
  • Custom Hoodies
  • Digitizing Embroidery

With our global buying power, Instant Imprints is also a cost effective resource for you. We invite you to visit one of our extensive local showrooms to see samples of products and our quality.

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Raleigh’s Finest Custom Embroidery Service

Your Raleigh Instant Imprints® provides you with a custom embroidery service that can help bring a new level of style and legitimacy to your branded goods. Custom stitching can help build a connection between your employees and your customers by making your employees easily recognizable—customers will be on a first-name basis with your employees from the moment they walk into the store. If you provide customers with embroidered custom apparel, they’ll be getting a product that is far more special than the normal t-shirts that most businesses provides. Gifting custom embroidery to a special customer is a great way to show them that you appreciate their business.

Custom apparel and embroidery delivers a level of sophistication and class to your business that can set you apart from the competition. By displaying your brand values through custom apparel, your employees can represent your brand with pride and show that they’re a part of a business family. Whether employees sport your custom apparel on the job or off, they’ll be spreading your logo wherever they go, from Raleigh to across the USA. To see some samples of custom embroidery in action, check out our gallery.

Professionalism, Style, Legitimacy

Custom stitching shows your customer base that you have a level of professionalism and legitimacy that sets you apart from your competitors. Embroidery has a sophisticated look but is still down-to-earth enough to avoid alienating your customers. When a potential customer approaches one of your custom embroidery-clad employees, they’ll have the confidence of knowing they’re dealing with true professionals. Custom stitches serve as mobile billboards that employees and customers alike can take with them wherever they go. Whoever sports your custom stitches will be helping to promote your brand!

World-Class Custom Apparel Printing, Right Here in Raleigh

Custom embroidery, in addition to being beautiful, is also one of the most durable ways of clothing customization out there. Chances are your custom stitches may even outlast the lifetime of the garment it’s applied to! Applicable to virtually any type of clothing or cloth, embroidery can spice up anything from jackets to socks. Utilize custom stitching to set yourself apart from the pack in a creative way!

Here in Raleigh, we pride ourselves in getting business done right. Our Raleigh Instant Imprints is determined to succeed with all types of projects, be they big or small. With no minimum on orders, you can give each of your team members a personalized piece of gear or create uniform pieces of corporate apparel. Whatever promotional path you’re on, our Image Experts strive to understand your needs, answer your questions and deliver a superior project. Come by our Raleigh showroom today, drop us a line at (919) 876-8070 or request a quote on the web to take your brand visibility to new heights.

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Making logos stand out.

We provide quality embroidery services on practically anything you can imagine. Our centers have state-of-the-art embroidery machines to provide you with anything from individual personalization to thousands of pieces. You can count on us to make your brand more visible.


Big or small, fancy and fast.

With wide format and digital printing equipment, our centers can produce nearly any sign, banner or display a business or organization may require, including retractable banner stands, A-frames, tradeshow booths and much more. For permanent or temporary use, indoors or out.


Personalized shirts with your logo or design.

We create t-shirts with custom designs using the latest technologies in direct to garment, heat transfers, lettering and screen printing which allows for maximum flexibility with order size and a fast turnaround to customize each order.


Items that stand out and are remembered.

There is no shortage of ways to promote your business. From branded pens to drinkware to flashlights, there are endless options at your disposal. Talk to us about finding the right solution for you and your customers.


Effectively communicate with ink and paper.

Let us help you create the printed materials that will promote both your brand and your message. Customized brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, manuals, mailers and more designed to make you more visible to your customers.