Custom Branded Clothing

As a small or medium business owner you have probably been faced with the daunting situation of pricey advertising media. Mass media, that purports to have a wide reach, can cost a fortune. Often, a single ad in mass media can wipe out the entire annual marketing budget of a small or medium business.

Nike - Get your logo on your apparelBut did you know that one of the most powerful pieces of advertising real estate is all of approx. 4” wide and approx. 2” tall? This approx 8-10 sq. inches of power-packed advertising real estate lies on the left chest of your business attire. Yes, on the left chest. In an earlier blog I had written about  Jay Conrad Levinson, the undisputed king of Guerrilla Marketing I made a mention about the different weapons he had suggested for small and medium business people. Among the list of 200 weapons of guerrilla marketing he had put forth, Business Attire was one of them. And, there has never been anything more powerful than the area on the left chest of your attire.

The next time you walk into a store to buy your favourite Nike, Adidas or other branded shirt take a look at where they have placed their logo. On the left chest!!! The dominance of the left chest as a media for placement of logos is driven by the ubiquitous handshake. Despite the different orientation of people’s dominant hand, a typical handshake always uses the right hand. As you stretch your right hand for a handshake the major part of your right chest tends to get hidden, leaving the entire left side open and completely visible.

The visual quadrant to custom logo'd apparelThere is another explanation to the dominance of the left chest as an advertising medium. With most languages around the world being left to right, the visual sweep of people can be slotted into four quadrants as seen here. Research suggests that the strong and weak follow areas generally fall outside of the persons reading path unless emphasized visually in some way. When there is a visual emphasis in these areas the human eye absorbs information in that quadrant prior to any other. So, putting your business logo on the left chest of your apparel ensures it falls in the strong follow area quadrant of the person opposite you. This ensures prompt visibility and absorption by the people in front of you.

Besides just visibility, putting your brand on clothing has many other spin-off benefits, all of which go a long way in positively impacting your business.

  1. Unifies your team – your business will benefit from a unified look across the entire team. Besides making your team look very professional, there is instant brand recognition.
  2. Motivates the team – a unified look across the business always provides the team with an increased sense of pride and a sense of unity.
  3. Brands your business – in addition to the logo, the type of apparel used speak volumes of the quality of your brand. A polo or a button-down shirt portrays a very professional and mature business.
  4. Provides legitimacy and invokes trust – a brand on a shirt automatically provides reassurance to the other person and increases their comfort level in dealing with your business.

teamSo what are you waiting for? As a small or medium business person, would you let go of such a great branding opportunity. Move quickly and take advantage of the power of your brand on your business apparel. And when you are ready I am sure you’d know where to turn to or just call us on 905-282-0208.


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