Go Guerrilla Marketing

In all my conversations with small business persons at networking events the discussion, invariably, leads to competing with big business. There is nary a small business that has not thought about large advertising bucks to promote their services and products in their quest for a robust and growing top-line. While it is true that big…
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Dialogue vs Monologue

Photo courtesy: gmarketing.com Growth, in today’s world, has become a logical postulation that has evaded resolution. As a small and medium business owner sustainable growth is what will keep the business engine running. The instinctive reaction to this conundrum is to increase the activity levels on “marketing your brand”. As previously stated small and medium…
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92% Don’t Care About You

Which business owner has not had a goal of having a LARGE customer base that can provide varied yet sustainable revenues? However good you are in your category the challenge of growing your customer base is big. And for many, just starting off the block, the challenge can be complicated by not knowing “who your…
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